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Free Software (Open Source) is software, that may be used, studied, modified and shared freely. This implies that the source code of a program is available. Open Source Software is a suitable field of study to learn progamming, software design and project management in software development projects.

About us

We aid education in the area of Open Source Software by creating study material and doing projects

Open Source Software allows to study the source code, extend it and share the result.

Support us

You can help us in the project or by maintaining the study material at the Wiki. Just talk to us in the chat.

Alternatively we are thankful for donations to pay for our server infrastructure.


Are you interested in software- and game design, programming, system operation and project management in the context of open source software?

In the study material section you can find tutorials, background articles and case studies.


In 2011 we worked for example on IPv6 support, created a new concept for the hall of fame, moved the Stendhal server to new hardware and implemented achievements.

Learn more about our projects.


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