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The module system operation consists of the operation and maintenance of complex software systems such as operation of a webserver on which a wiki software is execute that access a relational database.

IPv6 for Server

Abstract: This talk provides a short introduction in IPv6 and describes how IPv6 is configured on webservers. It uses a "dual stack operation" approach so that the server is still reachable by people using the traditional Internet Protocol.
Target group: System administrators
Educational objective: Background knowledge about IPv6, Server configuration for IPv6, Concept of logarithmic units
Prerequisites: Basic Knowledge in Linux and Apache
Type: Talk
Versions: Talk with audio and transscript (German)
Talk with transscript but no audio (German)

Migration of the Stendhal server to new hardware

Abstract: An experience report on the migration of the Stendhal server to new server hardware. The report explains how a complex system consisting of  multiple databases, server-software, websites and a Wiki was migrated with only two short maintenance windows of less than an hour each. A simple approach would have resulted in being offline for about 14 days.
Target group: System and database administrators
Educational objective: database replication, advanced database backups, domain system modifications, communication with users
Prerequisites: -
Type Experience report / Case study

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