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The association runs projects to get hands on experience in the defined scope of education. These projects must have a defined scope and discussion beforehand. They should produce in a) a result that is usable in practice and b) an experience report or case study.

In 2015, the following projects were carried out. Projects typically include content from several study modules. They are listed below with their main module.

  • Module Project Management
  • Module Software Design
  • Module Game Design
    • Weather system
  • Module Programminh
  • Module System Operation

Details on selected projects:

Module: Project management

Project management in Open Source projects faces a number of challenges and differences from project management within companies that produce commercial software.


Module: Software Design

Software engineering projects aim to provide an understanding of requirements and design for concepts to meet them. The provide the ground on which programming projects build up on.


Module: Game Design

Game Design is closely related to Software engineering. It, however, focuses on the concepts behind games instead of software in general.

Module: Programming

The programming projects are about implementing concepts developed in the software engineering or game design modules. Programming projects should produce documentation and how-to articles in addition to the writen computer code.


Module: System Operation

If operating a software system 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is required, know how in system-maintanence and organizing support will be required. For obvious reasons this is not a realistic goal for a small association. But we are trying to get close to this objective.


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